5 Reasons Why Children Suffer from Car Sickness and What to Do

Car sickness, also known as motion sickness, is a condition that occurs when your kids feel sick or uncomfortable while in a moving vehicle. Some children suffer from nausea and vomiting, while other kids feel dizzy and have headaches. Learning what causes that car sickness can help you decide what to do about the condition.

Too Many Sensations

Your kids likely feel excited about taking a trip, but that excitement can wreak havoc on their bodies. Instead of letting your kids play video games, watch movies or read books, look for activities and ways to get their attention outside of the car. Something as simple as looking for signs along the road can help distract them and prevent motion sickness.

Eating the Wrong Things

As much as you might love eating at diners and local restaurants on your trip, kids’ stomachs don’t react as well to those unusual foods. Spicy dishes and greasy fast food can upset their stomachs and lead to motion sickness. Consider opting for healthy meals along the way and bringing healthy snacks from home.

Lack of Ventilation

If you constantly drive down the road with the windows rolled up and the air conditioning blaring, your kids might suffer from car sickness because of the lack of ventilation in the car. Try turning down the AC and letting your kids enjoy the breeze in their hair.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are another potential cause of car sickness. If one or more of your children suffer frequent ear infections, or you notice your kids grabbing their ears, you have a problem on your hands. Talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for ear drops. A few drops placed in their ears can make them feel more comfortable and help your trip go off without a hitch.

Lack of Sleep

While on a long road trip, your child might not get as much sleep as he or she does at home. A lack of sleep can disrupt your child’s natural rhythm or schedule, which can make a small stomachache turn into motion sickness. Let your child get a good night’s sleep before hitting the road, and think about doing your driving while your child sleeps.

Experts recommend that parents choose vehicles with several rows of seating and letting kids sit in the middle row to reduce car sickness. Car dealerships offering Vancouver used cars for sale have a number of these vehicles available for parents who love road trips. You can also reduce motion sickness when you encourage your kids to focus on the road and increase the ventilation in your car.

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Les 5 maladies de la langue les plus répandues

doctor's office

S’exprimer dans une langue étrangère n’est pas une chose aisée. Si l’anxiété peut être un facteur de troubles du langage ora, ceux-ci peuvent être le fait de maladies de l’expression. Voyons quelles sont les 5 maladies de la langue les plus répandues ?

doctor's office


Il s’agit d’un trouble du langage qui a des conséquences sur l’expression ou la compréhension de langage, à l’écrit ou à l’oral. L’aphasie peut conduire à un mutisme, par atteinte grave du système nerveux central. Les personnes qui en sont atteintes éprouvent souvent des difficultés à trouver leurs mots ou à se rappeler de noms. Ces personnes, très souvent, parlent peu. C’est une maladie qui touche autant les sujets de sexe masculin que féminin.

La dyphasie

Il s’agit d’un syndrome neurologique qui se manifeste dès le bas âge. La maladie se caractérise par une perturbation de l’aptitude de communication verbale (le discours tenu par le sujet est confus ou l’idée mal exprimée). La dysphasie a pour cause un dysfonctionnement des airées cérébrales impliquées dans le langage. Elle peut aussi toucher des aires avoisinantes, impliquées dans des fonctions autres que le langage. L’apprentissage scolaire spécifique permet une prise en charge de la pathologie. Il peut s’agir, par exemple, de cours d’anglais intensif montréal proposés l’Institut linguistique provincial.

Le bégaiement

C’est un trouble du débit de la parole, se manifestant par des répétitions et prolongations involontaires de mots, sons, phrases… Les personnes souffrant de bégaiement peuvent développer d’autres types de troubles. Elles peuvent entretenir la peur de prendre la parole en public. Ce qui peut conduire à une dévalorisation psychologique, avec des symptômes tels que l’hyperémotivité. Des traitements permettent de diminuer ou contrôler le bégaiement, de façon progressive.

Le trouble articulatoire

Il s’agit de problèmes d’émission phonétique. Le trouble d’articulation se manifeste par une anomalie dans la production des sons ou phonèmes. Cette anomalie, permanente et systématique, peut s’expliquer de plusieurs façons : positions inadéquates, imprécision de l’exécution du mouvement, malformation des organes impliqués dans la locution.

La dyslexie

La dyslexie est un trouble affectant l’aptitude à la lecture. On en distingue deux (2) formes : les dyslexies acquises et les dyslexies développementales. La manifestation de la dyslexie dépend fortement de l’environnement linguistique. Les langues transparentes (espagnol, italien) sont plus faciles à lire pour les sujets atteints que les langues dites opaques (français, anglais). Pour celles-ci, le trouble affectera, à la fois, la qualité et le temps de prononciation. Un apprentissage spécifique comme par exemple un cours anglais montreal de l’Institut linguistique provincial peut aider dans ce cas.

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6 Reasons to Hire a Certified Translator to Work on a Medical Center’s Documents

Medical Assistant for Translatable document handling

The field of medicine involves many sensitive and life-saving deaths. As a result, when documents must be translated into another language, a specialist from certified translation services is the best way to ensure accuracy, maintain proper files and develop a sense of cohesion among documents.

Translating Correctly
In some fields, it is okay if the translated statements or documents are in the same ballpark as the original text. However, this is not the case in the medical field where a mistake in a document could mean the difference between life and death. Hiring a professional translation expert ensures that the documents are free of errors in their translated state.

Multi-lingual Medical Assistants

Where Words Don’t Exist
Translating from language to language is often difficult because a word that exists in the document’s first language may not have a counterpart in the target language. A professional will know how to express the same concept in different words instead of changing the meaning of the sentence or phrase.

Understanding Medicine
To some degree, the person translating the documents needs to have an understanding of medicine, but this can vary depending upon the content of the documents. When companies are interviewing possible translators for the project, they can ask if the candidates have ever had experience in the medical field before. Many translation experts do specialize in one area or another.

Professional Training
While having a background in medicine is important, you also want to hire a translator who has been trained in the skills of translation. By working with a professional, you can rest assured that this person has been trained with the necessary tools to completely translate your documents and to use the right methods for problem solving if he or she is unable to do so.

Medical Assistant for Translatable document handling

Sensitive Information
As someone who works in the medical field, you likely already know the rules that govern the privacy of your patients. Certain details simply cannot be revealed to other people unless you have the permission of the patient. Whatever the case may be, those who are trained in medical translations also understand these sensitivities and know they cannot reveal patient details.

Agency Contact
Working through an agency is one of the ways to find a certified translator to work on your medical documents. You can have a greater guarantee that these individuals have been properly trained, and if you are unhappy with the services, you can request another person to start working for you.

The medical field is a complicated one with many intricacies, and hiring a professional translator can make the processes run more smoothly.



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5 good reasons to go to the gym when you live in a big city

When you choose to live in the city, you’re in the heart of the action. It’s the place where the jobs are, filled with excitement, and hustle and bustle. You’ll find yourself perfectly situated, especially when you choose condos downtown montreal, with ready access to a host of advantages. From the cultural experiences to shopping, everything is in close range, including the gym. Consider 5 good reasons to go to the gym when you’ve decided to make the city your home sweet home.

It’s the Best Way to Get Exercise
Try to get your full workout in the congested city streets and you’ll be hard pressed. There’s just too much going on and parks may not be in a convenient location. Choose a good gym that is close to home, ensuring you’ll have no excuses. You’ll be able to maintain a fitness regimen regardless of how hectic the outside world is.

When you’re surrounded by a large population, it can really make you feel small. Reaching out to others is tough, especially when you don’t know who you can trust. As you go to the gym day after day, you’ll start to see regulars who could become good friends or more.

Relieve Stress
Living in a fast-paced world where life is hectic loads on the stress, not to mention the pressures you may feel in a demanding job. Blow off a little steam every day with a good workout. Hit the gym, pound out your frustrations, and you’ll feel better for it.

Live Longer
Staying active means a better chance of having a long, healthy life. Each time that you do a workout, you are giving yourself a present. You’re treating your body like a temple, keeping it healthy and strong. You’ll have a better quality of life as well as you maintain strength and mobility.

Achieve Your Weight Goals
With regular exercise in the gym, you will be able to make your weight goals happen. Whether you are on your way to your ideal body weight or you want to maintain, the gym is the best place to be. Go every day and the gym will become a habit, something you can’t miss.

If you live in the city, make the gym a part of your life. You owe it to yourself to take care of your body. Read more here.

Steps for Controlling Bacteria in Your Refrigerator

Refrigerator Maintenance

Bacteria can become a problem inside any refrigerator. Bacteria can cause illness if it contaminates food. It can also cause staining or unpleasant odors. Several steps will help to keep a refrigerator free from harmful amounts of bacteria.

Clean the Refrigerator Regularly

It takes time for bacteria to grow and spread through a refrigerator. An effective way to control the germs is to clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator at least once every one to two weeks. This should include the handles and doors so germs are not transferred to the hands. Any spills or stains in the refrigerator should be cleaned immediately. Cleaning should be done with warm soapy water or a general purpose cleaner that will kill the bacteria.

Cleaning the Refrigerator Regularly

Store Food in Containers

Exposed food in the refrigerator presents two risks. The first is that the food could release bacteria and contaminate large parts of the refrigerator over the course of several days. The second risk is that bacteria already in the refrigerator could take root on the surface of the food. Any food that is stored in a refrigerator should be in a container or bag in order to protect it from bacteria. Airtight containers are usually the best option.

Maintain the Refrigerator

Bacteria from the home or floor can actually make it inside a refrigerator through broken or malfunctioning parts. Bacteria can form inside of leaking lines. Electrical problems could make the refrigerator too warm. Loose gaskets could allow air and bacteria to seep inside slowly. It is important to call an appliance repair service if there are any problems with the refrigerator. These professionals can repair any problems and keep the refrigerator free from bacteria.

Refrigerator Maintenance

Keep the Thermostat Low

Certain conditions need to be in place in order for bacteria to grow and thrive. Refrigerators that are not cold enough can promote the growth of bacteria. This can turn even a small colony into a problem that spreads to every part of the appliance. The thermostat should always be kept below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. This is cold enough to stunt the growth of bacteria without freezing food. Refrigerators that cannot maintain this temperature should be inspected by an appliance repair specialist.

Open the Door As Little As Possible

Opening the door has several negative effects on a refrigerator. Opening the door allows bacteria to enter from the surrounding kitchen or home. The temperature in the refrigerator also rises slightly each time the door is opened. Keeping a refrigerator free from bacteria requires opening the door as little as possible.



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Good Dental Hygiene Can Prevent Problems Later

dental hygiene

Everyone knows the importance of good dental health and hygiene. Taking good care of your teeth and gums can ensure a healthy mouth throughout your lifetime. It makes sense to maintain your dental hygiene through good habits and regular checkups. If you’re looking for the best dentist Montreal has to offer, do your research. Dr Bautista has the experience to put your fears at ease. The practice is always happy to accept new patients and receive your referrals.

Of course, brushing and flossing after meals is an important part of your oral hygiene. Your dentist will inform you that regular cleanings is another step to ensure a healthy mouth for life. This can be performed at the office. Your dentist will ensure every step is taken to prevent discomfort. Using the latest technology such as digital radiology is important is another measure that is taken. This exposes the patient to lower amounts of radiation from x-rays.

dental hygiene

Neglecting one’s oral health may result in problems later in life. Tooth decay and gingivitis are leading causes of tooth loss in adults. Fortunately, this can be prevented through good practice of oral hygiene. If your dentist finds cavities, it’s best to have them filled without delay. This will help to prevent decay or breakage of the tooth.

Listen to what your mouth is telling you. if you notice bleeding gums after brushing or flossing, this could be a sign of gingivitis, an inflammation of the gums. Your dentist will inform you how to prevent this. He’ll begin by performing a thorough dental cleaning. This procedure is usually performed twice a year. If an infection is present, you may be given a prescription for antibiotics.

tooth brush

Another way to prevent issues with your teeth and gums is by having your dentist examine your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth may be partially emerged. This may cause problems, such as interference with eating. Painful wisdom teeth due to inflammation and misalignment is another cause for concern. Wisdom tooth removal is a form of oral surgery that is performed through anesthesia. Your dentist will numb the area thoroughly so you will feel no pain.

Even if you feel no discomfort now, be sure to visit your dentist regularly. A build up of tartar can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria. This can be damaging to the structure of your teeth and gums later on. In addition, be sure to have your children see the dentist regularly to prevent problems later as well.

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