Are you suffering from cancer? Do you know someone who is suffering from cancer? Obviously, you will know that there is no complete cure from cancer. Studies have shown that chemotherapy and radiation can kill the cancer cells up to a certain extent. However, this does not mean that every cancer patient can get well after going through chemotherapy sessions.

Also, chemotherapy treatment is costly. Many people can’t afford to avail it for a long time. Thus, they look for alternative treatment process along with chemotherapy. CBD oil cancer is now being regarded as the best alternative treatment option for numerous cancer patients.

CBD oil cancer treatment

Knowing CBD Oil

CBD oil better known as cannabis oil is usually derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabis is basically a drug that has been mainly used for medicinal and recreational purpose. Basically, the oil is obtained through the process of solvent extraction. However, this process doesn’t affect the affects the medicinal compounds that are present in the oil.

Two Important Compounds of the Oil

However, in medicinal cannabis, one gets to see two kinds of cannabinoids insider the oil. The two important compounds that is present in the CBD oil cancer and fights with the deadly cancer cells are:

  • THC, the psychoactive compound
  • CBD, the anti-psychoactive compound

Medical Evidence of CBD Oil for Treating Cancer

Cannabis oil contains high amount of CBD and less amount of THC in them. In fact the CBDA present in the CBD oil restricts the spread of the tumor cells. It reduces its chance to get multiplied. The anti-proliferative property present in the CBD oil cancer inhibits the growth of the cancer cells by shrinking them down completely.

ECS consists of a wide range of molecular receivers that are created to accept the cannabinoids. Usually, it accepts THC and CBD.CBD oil cancer

There has been a medical evidence of the fact that THC is responsible in treating cancer and also its related symptoms. THC present in the CBD oil starts to work at the cellular level. When THC enters the body, it gets connected with the cannabinoid receptors of the cancer cells. Then the cannabinoid receptors get activated. This causes the ceramide level to get raised. Eventually, it leads to the death of the cancer cells.

How It Treats Cancer?

It can be said that the action of the CBD oil cancer starts at the cellular level. The death of the tumor cells happens due to a slight shift of the mitochondria. As soon as the source of the food and energy of the cancer cells gets cut off, it destroys the cancer cells completely.

The light shift of the mitochondria leads to the increase in the ceramide level. This, in turn, kicks out the Cytochrome C from the mitochondria. This cuts off the nourishment pathways of the cancer cells and this brings in the death of the malignant cells.

It can be summed up that CBD oil cancer provides immense therapeutic value. It does not only kill cancer cells but provide great relief from the pain of chemotherapy.